How To Get Some Me Time While On Family Vacation

Do you suffer from mommy guilt?

Let’s be honest – there’s not a mother on the planet that doesn’t feel guilty about something.

If you’re an introvert like me, you may feel guilty because you’d appreciate some alone time away from your kids. Like when you’re in the bathroom and you really don’t want any company…

And when I travel with my family, when the gang’s all together 24/7, I could really REALLY use some alone time.  

Cue the mom guilt! I mean what kind of mom wants to spend time alone on a family vacation?

(Raises hand) This mom right here. Who’s with me?

Ladies it is completely normal to want some time to yourself, even on family vacation. You know the saying: you can’t pour from an empty cup. There is no shame in taking time out to relax and refill your cup so you can continue to be the amazing wife and mother you are.

Can I get an amen?

One luxurious way to get some alone time during your next family vacation – a spa treatment! Whether you’re traveling to Los Angeles or you’re a local and just need some time away here are 5 indulgent spa treatments to pamper yourself for a few hours:

1. Champagne & Shimmer Body Treatment at the Ritz Carlton Los Angeles: Darling, you’re in LA so you need to look your best, right? Enjoy a champagne seeds and oil body scrub, a luxurious massage and finish up with a light dusting of 24k gold. 

2. El Segundo Blue at Terranea: Enjoy a soothing massage using aromatic oils followed by a cocoon wrap of revitalizing sea blue mineral clay to renew your skin. Don’t worry about becoming a Smurf – the blue clay washes away completely.

3. Craniosacral Massage at Exhale LA: Vacation got you feeling a bit stiff through the shoulders and neck?  This unique massage treatment purports to work on the deepest levels of the central nervous system to facilitate a deep meditative state and may even help relieve headaches and joint pain. 

4. Buff & Mineral Salt Massage at Wi Spa: Wi Spa is a Korean-style spa in LA offering relaxation and restoration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you have NO excuse about no time to get away for a few hours. Try their signature Korean buff and mineral salt scrub and massage.

5. Skin Laundry: If you can’t spare an afternoon to pamper yourself, how about 15 minutes? Skin Laundry promises healthy glowing skin in just 15 minutes with no redness, flaking or peeling to contend with on vacation. Bonus points – your first treatment is FREE.  

Ladies the last thing you need to pack on vacation is mommy guilt. Girl, let it go! Pampering yourself and getting that alone time makes for a better family vacation for all.