The Best Way To Discover LA's Most Instagrammable Walls

Picture this: you’re scrolling through Instagram one night and you see your friend’s selfie in front of an incredibly vibrant and colorful street mural somewhere in the LA area. Bam! Travel FOMO hits you square in the nose – you’ve just got to know where to find this super cool street art!

Of course your friend didn’t provide an exact location or directions for where to find this wall so you’re left with 2 choices: (1) wander aimless around the streets of LA in search of it or (2) hire the experts to lead you right to it.

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The Best Way To Discover LA's Most Instagrammable Walls

If you’re ready to find LA’s most Instagram-worthy walls and get a behind the scenes look at the vibrant Los Angeles street art community, check out the LA Art Tour’s Arts District Graffiti and Mural Guided Tour.

Your 2-hour(ish) walking tour takes you through the DTLA streets and alleyways to discover the best of the DLTA street art scene, including some truly Insta-worthy stuff. The tour is always changing, and features both long-standing work along with newer pieces. Some pieces will remain untouched for years while others may disappear by the end of the week.

Here’s what makes LA Art Tours especially unique: every tour is led by an actual artist living and working in the neighborhood. So you’ll be sure to get the inside scoop on every Instagrammable wall you discover.

There are a few things here at Lark we can’t resist: (1) incredible street art and (2) unconventional tours. So when the founder of LA Art Tours reached out to us about trying out one of their tours, we jumped at the chance.

After grabbing a latte to go at Urth Café, we met our tour guide and fellow tour members on a nondescript street corner in the Arts District. Our guide, Joseph “Nuke” Montalvo, is a long-time member of Under The Influence (UTI), a graffiti-writing crew creating street art throughout the world. Nuke began the tour with an overview of the changing landscape for street art and artists - from the days of a more combative relationship between artists and the community to the flourishing collaborative spirit between artist and community you see today.

As we walked the streets, Nuke directed us towards a variety of street art and artists, featuring everything from abstract works to gang-inspired pieces to larger than life portrait work. There was plenty of time to view pieces from far away and up close and to ask Nuke questions about the various pieces and artists.

Nuke was generous with his Q&A time, answering every question we had about painting techniques, various artists and the neighborhood. As a long-time resident and one of the original artists in the neighborhood, Nuke even divulged some of his personal history, telling stories of illegal detentions, police harassment and his transformation from punk street kid to a highly sought-after muralist.

Nuke’s proudest moment on our tour? Revealing to us his mural masterpiece, Undiscovered America, recently updated and renovated after 25 years. He described in detail every symbol and story represented in this massive piece celebrating Native American achievements – details you could only get from the artist himself.

 As our time together wound down, we ended our tour at the Angel City Brewery where Nuke let down his guard, took off his tour guide hat and grabbed a pint of beer. He sat on a bar stool to continue recounting his own personal art war stories in earnest. Some pulled up a stool to hear more of Nuke’s stories, while other tipped their hat to Nuke and quietly walked out of the brewery, back into the Art District streets to view the art and maybe discover yet another new piece.

Ditch the travel FOMO and book your guided tour with LA Art Tours. You’ll be the envy of all your friends IRL and online with your incredible street art photos AND your detailed, behind the scenes knowledge of the incredible Arts District community.

LA Art Tours offers the Arts District Graffiti and Mural Guided Tour on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 11:30am. Price is $12 per person.

*This post is sponsored by LA Art Tours