This Is The Getty Museum Tour For Feminists That Hate Museums

Tell the truth:

Do you REALLY enjoy art museums?

Or do you visit a famous art museum because you’re “supposed” to and when you get there you’re overwhelmed by all the art and the crowds and the audio tour is boring and not particularly helpful and you walk out feeling like you wasted a couple hours of your vacation (and your life) that you’ll never get back??

We asked this question on Lark’s Instagram page and got some pretty honest feedback from you. Turns out, art museums are not for everyone.

What if you’ve been visiting art museums all wrong?

Introducing Museum Hack – a smart, fun, and irreverent way to experience museums. Their tagline? Museums are f*&king awesome! Let the audible gasps and pearl clutching commence!

I was pretty psyched to check out Museum Hack’s Getty Center Badass Bitches tour. But I do have to admit one thing: I actually like art museums.

Okay, fine I love art museum. Can’t get enough of them. THERE, I SAID IT.

That doesn’t mean I like art museum tours. I find the traditional docent-led tours way too stuffy and boring, and don’t get me started on the monotone museum audio guides…

So a wacky, offbeat art museum tour focused on badass women in art? Count me in.


We met our tour guide Vic at the Getty Museum main entrance, where she kicked off our tour with a cheer of “Dismantle the Patriarchy!” As she handed out neon #artbitch sunglasses to our tour group, she reminded us that the Badass Bitches tour is not about putting down the man but rather lifting the ladies up.

A traditional art museum tour is serious, focused on technique and history and provenance. Cue the yawns, right? What makes a Museum Hack tour so different and refreshing is the focus on the stories behind the artwork.

In 2 hours Vic regaled us with the tales of the mythical and real women featured in paintings and sculptures throughout the Getty. She told tales about the women behind the world famous men/artists featured in the Getty (ever heard of Vincent van Gogh? Well, you can thank Johanna van Gogh for that…). Perhaps the highlight of the tour – viewing the 3 female artists with artwork featured in the Getty Museum. PS – these 3 female artists are in rarified company, as they represent a whopping .25% of the Getty’s 1200 permanent collection pieces…


Our tour even featured games! We paired up and took photos of paintings of women, and attempted to create fictional dialogue between them that would pass the Bechdel test. We wandered into the Impressionist gallery and had 5 minutes to create-your-own art heist. We even took a mid-tour chocolate break.

This isn’t your grandma’s art museum tour, that’s for sure.

We ended our tour just as we’d started, with Vic leading her sunglasses-clad tour group in a rousing cheer of “Dismantle the Patriarchy!” and we all left feeling smarter, more cultured and pretty badass.

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Does this sounds like YOUR kind of art museum tour? The kind that won’t bore you to tears? Museum Hack offers two types of offbeat, hilarious and informative tours at the Getty Museum. Click HERE to book your own Badass Bitches tour.

Museum Hack also offers museum tours in NYC, Washington DC, Chicago and San Francisco. Maybe it’s time to re-visit how you see art museums?

*this post sponsored by Museum Hack