This is How You Enjoy High Tea in LA Without Kids

What advice would you give your pre-mom self?

 Here’s a few wisdom nuggets:

  • Treasure going to the bathroom by yourself.

  • Don’t feel guilty binge-watching rom coms all weekend from the couch.

  • Travel more before you have kids.

  • Really, REALLY enjoy restaurants without children.

It’s a fact: kids change how you enjoy food and dining. Taking young kids to a traditional sit-down restaurant is like trying to navigate the American Ninja Warrior course: daunting, painful and seemingly impossible to get out alive.

Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit but the truth is once kids come on the scene, your days of lingering over a delicious meal with girlfriends are probably few and far between, am I right? Do you long for the days you could linger over a meal with your girlfriends?

It’s high time for some afternoon tea with the ladies.

 Whether you call it afternoon tea or high tea, a ladies only tea experience is such a delight. What better way to catch up with girlfriends than with a hot cup of tea and warm scones and adorable tea sandwiches? Bonus points if high tea includes champagne and caviar…

Here are 5 posh high tea spots in Los Angeles where you can enjoy some time with your best girlfriends – no kids allowed!

Photo: The Peninsula Hotel

Photo: The Peninsula Hotel

1. THE PENINSULA BEVERLY HILLS: Afternoon Tea in the Living Room sounds like an simple everyday occurrence but it's never been more stylish than at the Peninsula. Sip your tea next to the cozy fireplace as you take in the sounds from the classical harpist. Choose a more traditional afternoon tea or you can really live it up with some champagne and caviar. After all, it’s Beverly Hills darling! Don’t forget to take home a Page Boy cap cake.

2. THE GETTY VILLA: Enjoy an elegant afternoon at Tea by the Sea. Enjoy a Mediterranean-inspired afternoon tea in the Founder’s Room, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the beautiful Getty Villa.  After tea, take a tour of the culinary gardens to get a feel for ancient Roman cuisine and enjoy some amazing art and artifacts.


3. MILLENNIUM BILTMORE HOTEL: You know the episode from Mad Men where Betty Draper has her tea leaves read by a fortune teller? That was filmed at the Rendezvous Court in the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. Try their teas from all around the world, from England to India to China to Turkey, and just maybe you’ll see what your future has in store, even if it’s none other than a chic, relaxing afternoon in the lap of luxury.

4. ROSE TREE COTTAGE: Afternoon Tea at Rose Tree Cottage in Pasadena is the quintessential British afternoon tea experience. Dine on traditional English Yorkshire pudding while you sip on the cottage’s own English Village tea, served to you with the soothing tunes of “tea time” music.

5. PACIFIC DINING CAR: Open 24/7, the Pacific Dining Car is the only 24-hour fine dining establishment in Los Angeles. Modeled to look like the inside of a dining car, the restaurant offers a traditional afternoon tea at its Downtown Los Angeles location featuring a variety of classic tea flavors, champagne or sherry, sandwiches, scones and petits fours. Just think, your lovely afternoon tea with the ladies can easily transition into happy hour and even dinner with the ladies…  

Next time you manage to schedule an entire afternoon to yourself and your girlfriends, make it worth your while enjoying high tea and the finer things at these fantastic LA tea spots.