These 7 Coffee Shops In LA Will Delight You

True confession time: we sure like to drink coffee here at Lark headquarters, but we don't know a whole lot about coffee. Let's be honest - there are some mornings we could skip the whole coffee ritual and go straight to a caffeine IV drip. 

We wouldn't mind elevating our coffee game a little and learning more about the craft of coffee roasting and brewing. Los Angeles has some wonderful craft coffee spots that not only love coffee (duh) but are committed to educating coffee drinkers everywhere on craft coffee, or in simpler terms, how to roast and brew a really good cup of coffee. 

7 Delightful Los Angeles Craft Coffee Spots

1. ENDORFFEINE: Founded by a Thai-American former cancer-fighting pharmaceutical biochemist turned pastry chef (yep, you read that correctly) Endorffeine brews up minimalist pour over coffee and espresso-based drinks. Specialties include the Vanilla Pandan latte and the Palm Sugar Whiskey Iced Latte

2. BALCONI COFFEE: Balconi features the siphon method of coffee brewing. Don’t know what the siphon method of coffee brewing is? Neither did I, but if you head over to Balconi in Little Osaka on the Westside you can watch the process in person. Check out their Almond Essence Latte made from actual sweetened pulverized almonds.

3. CAFE DEMITASSE: These self-proclaimed "coffee geeks" have three locations throughout LA, and each barista creates one signature coffee drink that you can ONLY get when he or she is on bar. Demitasse also offers coffee cuppings (think wine tasting) and home brewing and roasting classes.  



4. PCP: PCP stands for Paramount Coffee Project and comes to LA by way of Sydney, Australia. The idea behind PCP is to connect local and international coffee roasters to better enhance the coffee roasting and brewing experience for all. Now with 2 locations (Fairfax and Downtown LA), PCP also offers a focused food menu to compliment the coffee, with the flat white being a sure bet here.

5. COPA VIDA: In addition to being a quaint coffee spot, Copa Vida is also a coffee farming, milling, and roasting company and a leading coffee producer in Costa Rica. It goes without saying, then, that you'll want to try their single origin beans. Copa Vida also offers latte art classes so you can kick your homemade lattes up a notch.

Photo:  Civil Coffee

6. CIVIL COFFEE: Civil Coffee opened in Highland Park location in 2015, dedicated to simple and straightforward coffee. Specialties include the Arroyo (espresso, milk and lavender syrup) and the Figueroa (condensed milk, espresso, milk cinnamon and maria cookie. And don’t get me started on the gorgeous cement tile floors here…

7. MENOTTI'S: Whether you stop by the brick and mortar shop in Venice or visit the traveling coffee truck, Menotti's has so many fun and fresh offerings to quench your coffee cravings. For a truly unique coffee experience try the #2 Pencil, a secret menu item made with a gram of activated charcoal for a dramatic black and white latte.